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Search Engine Optimization with SEO Elite SEO Elite

SEO Elite is a professional SEO utility used by almost all serious internet marketers to do their SEO, I have used SEO Elite on my own sites including this one and really the information provided by this software helped me decide what should I do and where to put the effort, also most importantly after using SEO Elite and experment with competitors sites I can figure out easily what will work and how long will it take to achieve any new ranking.

How to do your SEO

When doing search engine optimization there are some points to put in mind:

  • The Target: is to define what do you want, i.e. getting at the top of the search engine for a specific keyword, and understanding thoroughly how this is different from increasing page rank of your site, (i.e. the process of SEO's objective is not to increase pagerank but to appear in first page of google)
  • The Competition: studing your competitors and getting to know them is 50% of the SEO process because if you wan't to rank for a certain keyword you have to see what other people who succeeded to rank for it are doing and do better than them. You can get the same links they already have and check the copy they have and study all their SEO model, this is a reverse engineering SEO and its very effective to success and beat competition.
  • The Keywords: maybe this should be before the past point in time order but not in importance, the keyword selection process is bound to the competition you have to deal with in competing for each keyword. for this part you should try to rank for several keywords not one, and the best keywords are not the general ones like 'make money online' but the ones that refer to product names and specific services which you can fastly make sale from.
  • On Page Factors: The density of keywords and their placement in text, anchors, title tags of your pages are called on page factors, tuning these factors is necessary to the ranking on those keywords, the best will be to repeat the targetted keyword in 10% of all other words in your pages, also try to use it in bold text, h1 and h2 tags and in anchor text, keywords, description and title tags, this is because search engine will put significant weight on keyword used in these tags.
  • Off Page Factors: Off page factors are primarly links from other sites and the anchor text on those links this is the absolute important factor in SEO and depends on:
    • How many links from other sites point to your site.
    • How important are sites that give you links ( the higher the PR the better).
    • How relevant are those sites to the subject of your site.
    • The anchor text of the links to your site.
    • Avoid nofollow links and unindexed pages because they are worthless.

How does SEO Elite help in this SEO process

SEO Elite will mainly reduce the time and effort you need to do your SEO by providing the following services:

SEO Elite Back Links Analysis

Analyze Back Links using specified a search engine(s)

This is the most important function in SEO Elite, it provide you with detailed information about all off page and on page optimization for any given domain url, this is important for analyzing and studing your copetitors and save you the time you need to go and check their link sources, link source PR, anchor text, and many comprehensive details that gives you perfect idea how they ranked for their keywords, by using this function you can easily discover what keywords you can compete for and which ones don't, with out having to experement and waste time.

Analyze Allinachor Allintitle or Allintext

These three are google commands that search for a keyword(s) in specific part of a web page for ex. Allinachor seach for sites that has this keyword in anchor text Allintitle searches title tags and Allintext searches in normal page text, this analysis will help determine which site is trying to compete for which keyword, because any site that puts the keyword in those three place is obviously trying to compete for them.

Find out where your site is ranked for a given keyword(s)

This is also very good feature in SEO Elite, and it can save past history of ranking and displays a graph that shows how your ranking is changed over time so you can know wheather you are doing the right things.

Other important SEO services SEO Elite Submit Articles

Includes get links to your website which will search you sites willing to exchange links based on given keyword which will be relevant and improve your ranking for your targeted keywords, and also verify that parteners are still linking back to see wheather your past linking partners are still linking to your site, this is important to find link exchange fraud and nofollow links that will not give you any ranking advantage.

also there is Find out how many pages are indexed this will help check your internal linking to see if all pages are indexed. Find possible authority sites will show you which sites are authority on a specific keyword.

Submit your articles to article directories is a great feature that gives you backlinks to your site for free by submiting your article to many article directories. This will save you a lot of time because manually you can't submit your article to more than 8 articles sites in one day, but using this service its automatically done for you in minutes without doing anything.

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